Coming Out: Realizing Bisexuality in a Straight World

When most people say "Coming Out", they're thinking of telling someone that they are gay, bi, whatever they are. This is not something I've ever done. I've never announced my sexuality to another person. Anyone who is aware of my sexuality knows because either they've seen this web page, it's come up in passing, they've directly asked me, or they found out when I introduced them to an ex girlfriend. In reality I treat my sexuality as just another part of being me... like the fact that I play the piano. I don't really care who knows about it and who doesn't.

I didn't write this page to come out to the world. I wrote it to help others come out. To help them feel more comfortable about themselves. To help dispel the fear that goes with learning something new about yourself. So I have formed this page, first with my story, then a few others... until it has finally turned into something of which I am very proud: a good-sized collection of coming out stories of all types, both positive and negative (but fortunately mostly positive), as well as a lengthy list of resources.

Enjoy yourself. I know I did. I'm very glad I can have this here for you today.

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