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introduction 09.oct.02 [12:02p]
This journal has been running since January of 1998, and was moved to LiveJournal in September of 2000. Older entries are available here; the newer LiveJournal pages start here. The old pages are still preserved, and since the journal is no longer locally stored, I don't need to worry about overwriting them. :) Also, burb and ring links (what's left of them) will still be here, since I don't have an easy way of including them on the LiveJournal page. This will always serve as an entry page to the journal, even if I move it again later on. I'm no longer writing anything that could really piss anyone off (I've started keeping up my paper journal for that again), so the chances of this ever moving are very slim indeed.

Remember as you read this that an online journal such as this one is not an accurate portrayal of a person's personality, nor is it necessarily a good indication of everything that is happening in that person's life. It is merely a set of snapshots into the person's soul, and displays only the part of the person's life and thoughts that the person thought to preserve. Some of it is happy, some of it is melancholy... but on a daily basis, so much more happens than is recorded. In the case of this journal (in its current incarnation), most of the heart and soul is hidden away, so only certain people can see. While I desire to record my thoughts and allow people to get a feel for me, at the same time I do realize that the internet is a public forum, and sometimes sharing the wrong information can prove to be detrimental.

Unlike a lot of journals online, this is not where I'm going to tell you to leave if you happen to know me in person. On the contrary, if you do know me and you do find this... please, let me know... and by all means, keep reading! If anything, I may arrange to share even more of this with you.